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Guinness World Record (Participant)...

Chinook Refrigeration is proud to be a participant in holding the worlds record for the Largest Glass of Orange Juice. In June of 1998, Chinook Refrigeration, Inc. was proud to build the refrigeration responsible for cooling the worlds largest glass of orange juice.

Details of the Event...

The Florida Department of Citrus and Orange Man introduced the "world’s largest orange juice glass" -- standing 8 feet-tall and holding more than 730 gallons of orange juice -- in support of National Minority Cancer Awareness Week (April 19-26). According to the American Cancer Society, a low-fat, high-fiber diet rich in vegetables and fruits, including orange juice, may help reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Our participation...

The design and construction of the refrigeration base was the responsibility of Chinook refrigeration.


The Record...

The record was set in June, 1998. The place was Portland, Oregon at the Portland Rose Festival. The record measurement was done by Marty Party of KGON-FM (see picture above of Marty Party measuring the height of the orange juice in the glass). The actual glass is 8 feet tall, but the height of the the Orange Juice is what set the record. It measured 6 feet 9 inches and that calculated out based on a per inch formula provided by Howe Engineering in Seattle, WA to equal 611.18 gallons of 100% pure Florida Orange Juice - NFC.

The juice was also served and held at 35 degrees through a self-contained refrigeration unit built into the glass. The refrigeration unit and circulation pump keeps the juice flowing at 13 gallons per minute.

The base of the glass and the refrigeration unit were built in the Tacoma, Washington area and the actual acrylic glass piece was built in Redmond, WA. The concept was designed by Rob Greenlee formerly of the Florida Department of Citrus and David Johnson formerly of AHBL Engineering both live in the Tacoma area.



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